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A healthy workplace

Don't fall asleep at your desk.

Trött på jobbet - Friskvård för företag

Today approximately 65% of all employees in Swedish businesses are in the risk group for bad health. Moving a person from a risk group to a healthy group gives the employer a saving of approximately 93,000 SEK per year. Imagine if we together would succeed in finding a winning concept to expand the healthy group at your workplace. This would release resources and create energy for you to invest in even more fun and important projects.

Examples of services we offer:

For us it is important that we find something that suits you and your company. Below are some examples of the most common services that we offer – should you not find anything that suits you, contact us and we will find a good solution together!

Gym membership for your employees:

Take part of a gym membership with great value for money.

  • Discounted membership
  • Access to all our gyms, in all countries
  • Open 24 hours a day
  • Unlimited group training included, no extra charge

See how to proceed further down on this page.


Educate and inspire your staff in topics such as:

  • Truths, myths and pure stupidities
  • Smart start!
  • A healthy workplace
  • The diet jungle or health boost

Group workouts:

Exercise and have fun together! Our well educated and inspiring coaches guide you through the form of training that suits you best. Either you choose one of our grouptraining classes we offer today or we look at a tailor-made solution for you.

Personal training for everyone:

You are more likely to reach your goals if you get some help and cheering along the way. We have special PT packages for companies, both for the individual and for smaller groups. Of course all of our PTs are skilled and certified.

Company Challenge: It's your move

Help your employees to get started with a fun and motivational company challenge. Set off to together for an adventure in the world where every meter counts in our challenge It's your move. Read more here!

For you as an employee

Many employers offer healthcare benefits which you as employee can use for wellness activities. With us you can use your healthcare contribution to buy, for instance, gym memberships and personal training. Read more about the costs that are tax-free on the Swedish Tax Agency's website (SV).

If you are connected to the Benify benefit portal you can take part of the offer there.

You can at anytime export your payment certificates with our app for iOS / Android. Use the registered e-mail address as your username to login. In the app you can choose which period you want to be included in your payment certificate.

You can also visit any of our gyms during staffed hours to get your payment certificate.

Questions about a healthy workplace?

Reach out and let us inform what we can do for your company.

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