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About training, nutrition and health for the individual and companies.

We offer four exciting lectures that fits both you as an individual as well as the whole company. Ask for an offer and/or book by sending us an e-mail to

Truths, myths & pure stupidities

Never before have we heard and read as much about health, exercise and healthy life choices as we do today. Despite this, we have a hard time getting it to work. Or is it perhaps because of this? In this entertaining lecture we use newspaper headlines, blogs and viral status updates to learn how myths about health arise and how pure stupidity is spread. However, we will also find that there are a lot of good things out there. Truths that can help you to take your health and wellbeing to new levels.

Smart start!

The main reason why we fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle over time is that we make it too difficult for us. We assume that we need to know much more to succeed, we set unrealistic expectations on quick results, we find training programs and diet plans that require too much effort and we often chase unattainable (and skewed) ideals. Ambition, engagement and hard work are great qualities in our quest for change and improvement… if they are used properly and in the right order. In this inspiring lecture you will find that you have everything you need to get started right now and you will get simple tools and tips that will help you to make changes that will last for a lifetime.

A healthy workplace

Can you run a marathon by standing up at your workplace and who really uses the resting room at work? In this lecture we will talk about these and many other questions regarding the best way to be active, and recover, at the workplace. Research and scientific reports are combined with useful tips and fun inspiration on how you and your colleagues can use the work day to improve health, productivity and joy, both during and outside office hours.

Diet djungle or health boost

No one can have missed the impact the food we eat has on our health? In the 80's there was the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations. Today we speak about LCHF, Paleo, Zone, Weight Watchers, Mediterranean diet, Atkins, Keto, Clean eating, 5:2, the list to choose from is almost infinite. During this lecture we will work our way through the diets. We will look at how the different diets are meant to work and why they may not work. But most importantly, we will find out how to find a healthy diet that gives your body energy, power and health to do all the amazing things it is created to do.