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Together with our partners we want to fill the many people with energy, motivation, inspiration and last but not least the tools to feel good, achieve their goals and live a prosperous and long life!


Fivesec Health think people should thrive and live in symbios with the modern society, causing minimal harm to animals and nature. Fivesec Health inspire non-vegans by challenging the status quo and make it simple and attractive to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. For more inspiration: @fivesechealth, fivesechealth-F24S-partner


aim'n is a Swedish sportsbrand founded by women, for women. Tekla & Helen, created aim'n when they got tired of wearing dull and uninspiring sportswear while doing the activities they love; surfing, kitesurfing, yoga, running and good old gym workout. When they told people about their dream, they were laughing at them, but here they are! Confident and determined to boost and motivate women by happy colors, up-to-date design and prints inspired by nature and tings they love.

aim'n aim to inspire and motivate to an active lifestyle and to believe in yourself and your dream. Aim high, dream big!

Whats your dream?

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The Academy

The Academy - provides educations within health, fitness and nutrition. Since 1999 The Academy has helped and developed the fitness/health industry in Northern Europe. Today they offer many high quality educations, one of them being the highest ranked Cert. Personal Trainer education in Sweden.

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Vasaloppet – A non profit organization, with one goal. Making Sweden healthier!

Vasaloppet is the world’s oldest, biggest and longest ski race. The first race took part in 1922 and the classic 90 km stretch from Berga by in Sälen to Mora was, for a long time, the only Vasaloppet race. Today there are a lot of different races; cycling, running and cross-country skiing, that together attract aproximately 100,000 registered participants every year. All these races run along the historic stretch between Sälen and Mora.

Vasaloppsföreningen Sälen-Mora has approximately 35 year-round employees who work with planning, preparing and developing these events.

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Polar was founded in 1977 in northern Finland and it was also here that we invented the first wireless heart rate monitor.

To help you achieve the desired results while exercising, we have developed Smart Coaching, unique pulse training features that listens to your body and interpret its signals so that you can exercise smartly and efficiently.

Let us motivate, inspire and coach you in group fitness, when you are running, in your daily activity, as well as planning and analyzing your training. To learn more about how we can help you achieve your training goals, visit

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In using Nextory you will get unlimited access to the widest range of eBooks on the market as well as tens of thousands of audiobooks, that you can read and listen to. Download and read or listen to your favorite books directly on your smartphone or tablet, through Nextorys application for iOS and Android. At Nextory you can find the latest and newest book titles.

Try our family-subscription where you can create up to four unique profiles!

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Yogobe is a digital operator within yoga, meditation, exercise and health. In a society with a high pace of change, high sedentarism and bolting illness, we want to provide guidance for improved health and increased well-being.

We currently work with over 60 leading experts and profiles within each area. Our on-demand video streaming service includes over 1300 videos as well as digital training programs and e-learning.

We address individuals, businesses, and public activities. Today we have over 100,000 members and offer our service in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and English. In 2017, Yogobe was named health company of the year.

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