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There’s a place where you can give it all you’ve got. And more. We call it X-court and in here you’re more than welcome to pretend you’re a monkey and play like there’s no tomorrow. (Almost) no one is looking.

Does the card give me access to all gyms, in all countries?

Of course! All our subscriptions gives you access 24/7 to all our gyms.

What kind of equipment and features do you offer on your gyms?

Equipment and training options varies between gyms. We have a standard offer on each gym covering the essentials but some gyms can have some extra features, like f.ex. grouptraining, personal training, X-court etc.

In order to know what to expect on each gym, click yourself in to the local gym pages. If you want more detailed information, for example what specific machines we offer – please contact our gyms directly and our staff will answer your specific questions.

What is women's gym?

Women's gym are a part of the gym which only members registered as women can use. The registration are based on what information we get from the tax authorities and the concept exists in order to meet the demand of the market.

Do you offer childcare?

We do want to offer the best price to our members and to solve that equation we can't have any childcare on our gyms.

Do you have sauna?

No, we don't have any sauna on any of our gyms. Not even in Finland. The reason for this is simple – we do want to keep the price down for our members.

What kind of music do you play on your gyms?

To play music that pleases everyone are not easy. The music we play are based on popularity and survey's sent out to members.