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Group Training

Work out with great people. To some pretty great music.

INTENSE Strength

Functional fitness / HIIT

This circuit class challenges you on your terms! Using a bar, weights and stepping boards, we workout in intervals to give you complete workout for 30 or 50 minutes.


Book, cancel and reserve grouptraining classes on-the-go. Use our advanced filters to find the class that best suits your needs.

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Are grouptraining included in my membership?

Absolutely! Grouptraining are included no matter what type of subscription you have.

Do I have to book to participate in a grouptraining class?

It's recommended if you want to guarantee a spot. But if you're late to it or get an impulse it's possible to claim a spot when it's 10 minutes to the class starts by collecting a drop in ticket at the gym (at the booking station).

How do I book a grouptraining class?

Grouptraining classes can easily be booked by our brand new app for Android or iOS. If you can't access any of our apps you can also book classes on our website.

How can I see the grouptraining schedule for a particular gym?

Each gym who are opened (or soon to be opened) and offers grouptraining have a section within their gympage where you can reach the grouptraining schedule for that gym. Go in to our gyms, show only grouptraining gyms by checking the box Grouptraining and click yourself in to the gym which grouptraining schedule you would want to see.

All members also have access to see the grouptraining schedule for all gyms by logging in to either our mobile app for iOS/Android or by logging in here on the web.

What is my login credentials for the app?

Username is the e-mail address you registered when signing up for a membership. If you personally haven't changed your password it's the first 6 digits in your personal number (YYMMDD).

When is the earliest and latest in time I can book a class?

You can earliest book a grouptraining class between 48 h - 30 min before it starts.

Do I get some sort of ticket to my booked class?

Yes, there's a ticket! This you collect at the gym where you booked the class between 3 h - 10 min before the class starts.

How many bookings can I have at the same time?

You can maximum book 2 grouptraining classes per day.

How do I cancel a booked class?

You cancel a class through our app for Android or iOS at least 2 hours before the class starts. Have you booked a reserve spot can this be cancelled up to 1 hour before the class starts.