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Rules of booking group training classes

Good to know about booking classes, cancelling your booking, collecting your ticket, queuing and going to a group training class

Book a class

The easiest way to book a class is at My Pages or to download our app at iOS / Android

  • Use the same e-mail as when you registered to become a member when logging in to your account. The password is the first 6 digits in your date of birth, unless you have changed it yourself.
  • You may book yourself for a group training class at 48 hours prior to the starting time at the earliest and 30 min before starting time at the latest.
  • You need to collect the ticket for the class in one of our booking stations, 3 hours prior starting time at the earliest and 10 min before the start of the class at the latest.
  • You can book yourself in 2 classes per day at the most.

Please note that if you do not pick up your ticket 10 min prior to class start, your ticket will be released and someone else is able to book the free seat. You will also receive a warning letter via email.

We do not book or cancel via phone.

Queuing for a spot

  • If the class is fully booked, you can place yourself in line for a spot.
  • Each class has unlimited queue spots.
  • If a member decides to cancel their booked spot, the first person in the queue will automatically be booked.
  • A booked queue spot can only become a regular spot 2 hours prior class start. If your queue spot hasn't become a regular spot then it'll automatically be "released" and open to be booked again. You may still see your queued spot, but it can never become a regular spot when it is less than 2 hours left.
  • It's always your responsibility to observe what happens to your spot and if it becomes a regular spot. (If you get a regular spot, normal booking rules apply).
  • If you got a spot from the queue, you have up until one hour before start of class to cancel your spot.

Cancel your booking

Do not forget to cancel your spot if you are not able to attend the class.

  • Cancellation is done by (above mentioned) My Pages or our app, 2 hours prior to class start at the latest for a regular spot and 1 hour prior for a queue spot.
  • If you've missed to cancel your booking 3 times, your possibility to book classes ahead will be suspended for 3 weeks (counted from the last warning). You will be notified about this via e-mail. You will still be able to use drop-in tickets (see below).


The tickets which are available within 10 minutes of class start are called drop-in tickets. These tickets can be collected at our booking stations.

Booking stations and tickets

Booking stations are available by the reception at our gyms which offer group training.

  • To collect your booked ticket: swipe your card at the card reader by the booking station and wait for the ticket to print.
  • Booking stations are only available for drop-in tickets, not to book classes ahead.
  • To get a drop-in ticket: swipe your card in the card reader, use the touchscreen to click on the button next to the class and wait for the ticket to print.
  • If there are free spots available at 30 minutes prior to class start, they are available as drop-in-tickets at the booking station.

Please save the ticket, it is handed to the instructor when you arrive at the class.