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Setup direct debit permit

The agreement you signed with us requires that you give your consent for Direct Debit (autogiro) via your internet bank. The registration must be done as soon as possible after the purchase on our website has been reviewed (once you have received a receipt).

You have not submitted a Direct Debit consent by paying with your card in our webshop.

All major banks in Sweden have this service via their internet banking. If your bank does not have this service then the clearing number and account number must be given to our staff at the gym, who then manually register it in the system.

You cannot sign up with another payer for Direct Debit via the internet bank. If another person is to pay for the monthly fee, then this has to be done at the gym when the reception is open. Step by step guide

Step-by-step guide

All banks that provide this service have similar approaches (except for minor differences in the process).

  1. Log in to your internet bank.
  2. Choose Pay and Transfer (varies from bank to bank).
  3. Select Direct Debit (Autogiro).
  4. Select Register.
  5. Choose the Motion and Health industry (the name of the category varies from bank to bank).
  6. Enter Payment Receiver "Fitness24seven" or "FITNESS24SEVEN". Click search. Information about the company comes up.
  7. Enter Payment Number = Your personal identification number (12 digits) YYYYMMDDXXXX.
  8. Choose the account you want the monthly payment to be debited from (must be your own private account).
  9. Read the General Terms and Conditions for Direct Debit and approve them by clicking the box next to it.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Sign your application in accordance with the rules that apply to your internet bank, eg. with one-time codes, e-code, digipass or the like.

Always check that your consent has been approved a week after the registration. You can see this in your internet bank. You may also contact us for the information if we have received a valid consent for you. We urge all our members to keep track of their payments every month.

If no Direct Debit consent is given

If you do not create a consent for Direct Debit, you will not be able to pay your monthly fees. Debt with subsequent extra fees will be created and these fees will be required by the member to pay.