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Mobile Entrance

We're simplyfying the entrance to our gyms with a new mobile entrance system. You only need our Fitness24Seven app to enter and exit your gym. Read more below.

Uppdated 2024-02-20

We are currently installing a new mobile entrance system at all our gyms. The new system uses our app makes it easier for all our members to access our gym, for a seamless workout experience. Read everything about the app, the installation and frequently asked questions, below.

How do you use the mobile entrance system?

  1. Download our app, ”Fitness24Seven”. It's free and avilable for both Apple and Android phones.
  2. Log in with the email address associated with your account. This will be the email address that you submitted when you first became a member. 
  3. Use the "Forgot Password" link if you have not yet created a password.

Which gyms have upgraded to the new system?

We will update this list continuously, so check back to see when your gym has updated to the new system.

Gyms that recently installed the Moblie Entrance System:

  • Borlänge C
  • Borås Knalleland
  • Eskilstuna Torshälla
  • Fagersta C
  • Halmstad Vallås
  • Helsingborg Rosengården
  • Karlskrona C
  • Karlstad Fanfaren
  • Katrineholm C
  • Kauniainen Grani
  • Kristianstad Lilla Torg
  • Kungsbacka C
  • Ludvika C
  • Lund Linero
  • Malmö Augustenborg
  • Malmö Katrinelund
  • Malmö Lindängen
  • Malmö Rosengård C
  • Malmö Spångatan
  • Malmö Universitetsholmen
  • Motala C
  • Norrköping Domino
  • Oslo Bjerke
  • Oslo Carl Berners Plass
  • Oslo Storo
  • Oslo Stortorvet
  • Sollentuna C
  • Skövde Commerce
  • Stockholm Bredäng
  • Stockholm Enskededalen
  • Stockholm Hässelby Torg
  • Stockholm Högdalen
  • Stockholm Odenplan
  • Stockholm Sundbyberg C
  • Trollhättan C
  • Varberg C
  • Vellinge Höllviken
  • Västervik C
  • Västerås Bäckby
  • Västerås C
  • Älvsjö Mässan
  • Älvsjö Stationsplan
  • Örebro Svampen
  • Örebro Tybble

Find all gyms with the mobile entrance system here:

Coming Soon:

  • Borås C
  • Eskilstuna C
  • Göteborg Olskroken
  • Helsingborg Kullagatan
  • Helsinki Itäkeskus Easton
  • Helsinki Kallio
  • Helsinki Varissuo
  • Lappeenranta Keskusta
  • Linköping Stora Torget
  • Malmö Dalaplan
  • Malmö Värnhem
  • Mariestad Knallen
  • Märsta C
  • Norrköping Ljura
  • Oslo Haugenstua
  • Oslo Mortensrud
  • Oslo Veitvet
  • Raisio Raisiontori
  • Staffanstorp C
  • Stockholm Frescati Sport Center
  • Stockholm Hötorget
  • Stockholm Skanstull
  • Stockholm Tensta C
  • Stockholm Vårberg
  • Södertälje C
  • Tampere Hervanta Duo
  • Turku Hervanta
  • Vallentuna C
  • Vällingby C
  • Värnamo C
  • Örebro C

How do you enter the gym?

Your digital membership is saved within the Fitness24Seven app. Use it to enter and exit the gym.

  1. Within the app, click the Scan button in the bottom right-hand corner of the home screen. Point your phone camera at the QR-code screen next to the entrance. 
  2. The QR-code will be matched with your membership information. Once confirmed you will gain access to the gym.
  3. Use the same method when you want to exit the gym or enter the women's section of the gym.
More help

What if I work out at more than one gym?

If one or several of the gyms you work out at has not yet upgraded to the new system, you need to keep your physical membership card.

How do I check into group classes?

Your physical card is currently used to check in to your group classes.

Your physical membership card

Once all the gyms you work out at has upgraded to the Mobile Entrance system, and you no longer need it for group training, you can cut and throw away your physical card. If you need assistance you can stop by the gym during staffed hours and we will gladly help.

Fitness24Seven has no fingerprints saved in our systems. Your encrypted fingerprint is only saved on your physical membership card.


While the system is being installed there's an increased risk of disturbances. If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to visit your gym during staffed hours or contact our customer service.